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Creating a strategic roadmap

Startup Services

At Propagate Plus, we love working with startups, and have a track record of success with them. The value we can deliver to a startup company comes from our experience. Over the years we have consulted with other startups, solved a wide-variety of early stage challenges and helped them achieve scale and success.

We can play an active, hands-on role with the startup client companies' success. At the sometime, our work can be structured on a project basis or as a part-time interim operating role.  


We specialise in several critical early stage challenge areas that include:

- Business model canvas                                - Assess Funding requirement 

- Business plan, creation, and review.           - Valuation

- Cashflow analysis                                          - Investor exit strategies

- Working capital management                     - Develop pitch presentation

- Annual budget planning                              - Investment opinions

- Funding round readiness


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