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Helping Your Business Blossom

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Supporting You In Your Value Analysis

Propagate Plus provides valuation support to our clients engaged in M&A activities, specific deals or transactions, and compliance with financial reporting standards. We leverage our industry knowledge considering characteristics which are specific to a particular industry or country or financial reporting requirements and ensure that your strategic objectives for the particular transaction are achieved. Our specialist knowledge and understanding of your needs enables Propagate Plus to conduct valuations from a commercial perspective. Our Valuation Services are designed to support our clients and include services such as value analysis on your projects, target or investee companies; independent value of specific business units within a company (carve out valuations); pricing and negotiation support; pre-deal purchase price allocation and valuation of unquoted companies/financial instruments.


Supporting You To Make The Right Decisions

You build Financial Models to support business decisions. A reliable Financial Model provides insightful information, allowing you to explore the financial impact of strategic decisions and support your business plans or investment decision. Propagate Plus can add value to your projects by validating the reliability of your Financial Model and maximizing its impact as a powerful decision-making tool. We ensure your Financial Model is aligned with applicable accounting and tax standards.

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Business Growth


Supporting Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

At Propagate Plus we understand that the conceptual stage of a new business is the most exciting, but also the most intimidating.  The lack of 'know-how', in-depth industry knowledge, and unknown market dynamics, among others, will often deter many start-ups and concepts from successfully transforming into dynamic successful businesses. Propagate Plus will work with you to unlock your potential for growth.  We can take your very early ideas or start-up concept, work with you to develop this into a practical and workable business strategy and plan. We will assist you with researching the market and assessing the feasibility of your idea or concept, thus ensuring that the proposed business venture will be financially and commercially viable. Our services include: financial feasibility studies, business strategies and planning, and market strategies and plans.


Propagate Plus helps our clients build management and control structures and processes that help sustain their business in an ever-changing regulatory environment. We utilize a corporate management approach that ensures the sustainability and reputation of the company. We offer a complete set of services, including: (1) review, evaluation and structuring of senior management authority and responsibility frameworks; (2) review, evaluation and improvement of internal controls through the design of an authority matrix addressing all key processes, and (3) review of regulatory compliance policies and processes to ensure you are compliant with local and international regulations.

Making Notes
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