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Pragmatic advice to Hotel and Resort Operators

Hotel and Resort Investment Solutions

As on today, most cities of the GCC, offer one of the most exciting and investment opportunities in hotels and resorts sector. Whether you are are consolidating your position or expanding into new markets, or a private equity firm looking to invest where you can maximize your returns, Propagate Plus Hotel Investment Services can help you identify the most promising hotel assets and investment destinations.

Due Diligence to Support Transactions

The acquisition and disposal of a hotel is more than a one-dimensional transaction in real-estate, with due diligence being a very important part of the process. Hotels are dynamic going concerns, often with varied and complex operations, and the industry in which they carry on their business is highly cyclical.

Identification of Opportunities

Through our extensive network and experience in the industry, our team, headed by Elena Tsap, identifies the best investment opportunities available both on the market as well as off market in line with our clients’ investment and expansion criteria. We make sure all assets that we source are deliverable, and can carry out due diligence to help uncover any potential issues with the asset.

Execution Support

We'll support you in assembling the right team of legal, tax, valuation and operational professionals, and we'll stay with you all the way through the investment process. Our team will carry out initial strategic planning beginning with understanding your investment criteria, desired markets and ideal targets. We will then research and vet appropriate investment opportunities and inform you when an asset meets your requirements. Once you've made the decision to purchase, the team will support you through due diligence, financing, contract negotiations and closing, as well as post-closing adjustments.

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